Duro UAS Brings on Michael O’Meara as CTO

Press Release

New York, NY, February 22, 2017

Duro today announced that Michael O’Meara, an experienced roboticist and computer engineer, is joining Duro UAS as Chief Technical Officer.

Michael has over two decades of experience building and leading R&D projects with the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Laboratory, Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) Spacecraft Engineering Division.

His work has focused on computer vision, path planning and deep learning as applied to autonomous vehicles.  He helped create a mission planning tool for NRL that currently supports two satellites orbiting the Earth. Michael also co-founded a previous startup where he developed a web-based email and calendar solution for K-12 schools.

Michael is from Washington D.C. and has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. He currently resides in NYC with his wife. He enjoys boxing, skiing, sailing, economics, travel and building R/C bi-planes and helicopters.

About Duro UAS

Duro UAS is a manufacturer of unmanned autonomous systems for environmental research and urban development applications. Learn more at durouas.com

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Viktoria Pashtriku

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