The Knowledge House Profiled in the Wall Street Journal

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Image: Jerelyn Rodriguez, Joe Carrano, and Tunisia Mitchell of TKH
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Duro partner The Knowledge House was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal.

Also quoted in the article is Jamaine Roseborough, Duro’s Junior Team leader, who got his start in coding at The Knowledge House. Duro even gets a mention in the piece!

See below for some highlights — the article is behind a paywall but can be accessed through a Google search — and learn more about this great organization at

“It was important for us to be headquartered in Hunts Point,” says Ms. Rodriguez…Coding boot camps and other tech outreach efforts have been held in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but, Ms. Rodriguez says, “none of them were reaching the Bronx. Someone from the community really had to be the one to catalyze it.”

Jamaine Roseborough, 18, now a first-year computer-science major at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, learned Python this spring at the Knowledge House as a high-school student.

From March to June, “I’d go there every day after school,” he says. “I fell in love with coding.” He now works as the lead intern for Duro UAS, an underwater “eco-drone” business with offices in the South Bronx, managing its data-visualization team, and hopes to have a career in artificial intelligence.

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