New Duro Sponsor: Sherline Products

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Duro is excited to be preparing Sherline’s 2000 8-Direction CNC Mill for duty, which will include fabrication of customized parts for the Duro Harbor AUV and training of our junior engineers.

Generously sponsored by Sherline Products, a California-based equipment manufacturer which focuses on producing durable, extremely accurate lathes, mills and accessories, we could not be prouder to call Sherline Products a partner for the Harbor AUV Project.

In the top photo, Duro UAS Chief Ocean Engineer Dr. Richard Sheryll and Mechanical Engineer Disha Barua are seen assembling a Sherline 2000 CNC Mill.

A special shout out to Jeff Ryan, Marketing Manager at Sherline, and Karl Rohlin, VP of Manufacturing/Machine Shop Foreman, for making this sponsorship possible.

Stay tuned for more news about Duro’s experience with high-quality Sherline equipment.

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