Duro Junior Team Essay: Lonzie Reaves

Lonzie Reaves on learning how to code, LinkedIn and what inspired him to become an engineer

Image: Lonzie, left, being trained in Python by Lead Junior Team intern Jamaine Roseborough

Essay by Lonzie Reaves
Intro by Gabriel Foreman

As those of you who follow our newsletter and blog will know, Duro is dedicated to preparing young people for the STEM jobs of the future. In this series, Duro Junior Team interns write about their experience with us and what makes them want to become engineers.

Today we are featuring Lonzie Reaves who we connected with through the East Side House Settlement, a community organization in the South Bronx. Lonzie has been working with us all summer and has impressed everyone with his quick learning ability and dedication, as well as being a really nice and thoughtful young adult.

He will be staying on after the summer, so be sure to check back to keep up on his progress; judging by his accomplishments so far we know he is destined for great things.

Lonzie is a high school senior at Mott Haven Village Preparatory in the South Bronx and is a Junior Team intern at Duro UAS

My name is Lonzie Reaves, I’m from the Bronx, New York, and I’m a high school student at Mott Haven Village Preparatory. I’m also an intern with Duro UAS on the Junior Team, where I’ve experienced many different types of learning experiences such as coding, breadboarding, data visualization, environmental research, and more. These learning processes helped me grow on a professional level and understand the organization of a professional company.

For example, on the topic of LinkedIn. This website is a business-oriented social networking service used for professional purposes only. I was exposed to this important service at a young age to build up my future professional contacts as well as my own professional story so I can be appealing to employers. Another important skill I’ve developed is the benefit of emailing correctly and communication. This is important because these are great skills to have if you want to be a part of any company.

This learning process has been very vital to starting the profession I want to pursue, which is being an engineer.

I’m a more hands-on type of learner, and I really enjoy working with my hands and building things. I was inspired to be an engineer by a television series named Prison Break, a show about a man named Michael Scofield who is in a desperate situation. His brother, Lincoln Burrows, was convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and put on death row. Michael holds up a bank to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in Fox River State Penitentiary to break him out. He planned the escape out by going over the construction and engineering of the prison. That was when I was amazed by engineers and wanted to become one.

This learning process has been very vital to starting the profession I want to pursue, which is being an engineer.

One of the most important skills I’m learning through this internship is computer programming using a language called “Python”. You can create many different types of projects and ideas such as data visualization and website development.

For instance, our team is using water data samples from the Bronx River to visualize its geography and help research and restoration efforts. We are using the Harbor Survey of 2016 from nyc.gov to visualize the different types of waste that is found in the water. One of the ideas I want to expand on from this project is web development. I want to learn how to make websites.

This has been an interesting internship at Duro UAS.

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