Duro Engineer Speaks with Young Women at Bella Abzug Leadership Inst.

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Last week Esha Rahman, one of the talented Electrical Engineers at Duro UAS and a student at City College, spoke with young women at the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) at Hunter College about her experience pursuing a STEM career.

The audience, which included middle and high school students, asked a lot of great questions about the challenges and opportunities for women in STEM, and Esha was excited to share her story as someone who herself overcame a lot in pursuing her dream to become an engineer.

Learn more about Esha’s story by checking out her featured Duro Engineer Spotlight.

The young women of this summer’s Bella Abzug Leadership Institute cohort:

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  1. I appreciate your high intention to encourage young women to develop their career and reach to the goal. Many thanks to share your experience and struggle. I am inspired with your story!

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