Did You Know: NYC Development

By Viktoria Pashtriku

In 2015 New York City had close to $41 billion in construction starts, new construction and renovations. (Source: New York Building Congress. Image: Brian Wilson)

Did you know…

Construction in NYC is booming, and every project is required by law to include a task known as “surveying”.

Surveying is performed at every stage of a construction project, from assessing the worksite and existing infrastructure to verifying the work authorized was completed to specification. Surveying also assists with a variety of tasks from project management to insurance assessment, and helps ensure compliance with environmental and other regulations.

That’s why Duro is not only developing underwater vehicles for environmental research, but a variety of unmanned autonomous systems that assist with surveying for safer and more affordable urban development.

Check back soon for developments about new unmanned autonomous systems from Duro UAS.

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