Duro Engineer Spotlight: Jerome Allas


For today’s Engineer Spotlight we are interviewing Duro Electrical Engineer Jerome Allas. He shares with us about his work at Duro, his passion for stage performance and his advice for aspiring engineers.

Viktoria Pashtriku: Why did you choose to major in electrical engineering?

Jerome Allas: When I was in high school I took AP Physics C. There were two parts of that Physics C course: the mechanical part and the electrical and magnetic part. I did a lot better with the electrical and magnetic part. So I said to myself: I will be an electrical engineer.

VP: What interests you the most about electrical engineering?

JA: The thing that interests me the most about electrical engineering is getting things done. I love being able to get my hands on a circuit and have it do what I want. At first when I started electrical engineering, I didn’t know what to do at all. In fact, I didn’t know what to do until I finally went into a lab for the first time.

When I did first go to a lab, I started to build circuits and other electrical components. I remember I started to get angry. But angry in a good way. Because I cared about getting the lab done.

VP: What is it like working at Duro UAS?

JA: It’s challenging. A really fun challenge, but challenging. It can get frustrating at times. Things go wrong and we work hard to get them to go right. When things work out, it’s the best feeling ever.

VP: What are you currently working on at Duro?

JA: I am currently working on an LED driver. I’m making sure that the lighting system on the submarine is powered correctly and making sure that everything else on the submarine is also powered correctly.

VP: What are your plans or goals for your future career?

JA: I’m still exploring, however, I want to look into construction. I already have some experience in it.

In construction management, you have to watch over contractors and make sure that what they are building is up to par. I can take a lot of the stuff I learn here, the hands on stuff, and apply it to that role.

VP: Aside from engineering, what other interests do you have?

JA: I like to be on stage and sing. It is really unrelated, but I actually really like music. In fact, I have a performance today!

To anyone who wants to be an engineer, it’s really important to not only work on technical skills but to also get out there and connect with people. You’ll be very surprised how much in common you’ll have with other engineers.

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